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Bowen Island Express - Granville Island Water Taxi

Posted by Kelli Turner 
Bowen Island Express - Granville Island Water Taxi
October 31, 2008 11:40AM

We are ready for the big launch and I hope you are all ready as well. The boats are warmed up and ready to go. Our 5 hour journey yesterday from Campbell River was amazing and the boats stood up the weather without and concern.

We will be setup with a tent and coffee and treats on the dock for the day and we will be welcoming you all onboard. Please arrive early to pickup your tickets and check out the boat. We will also be selling 10 packs of tickets for $100 plus GST, on site for anyone that is interested. So please come down and say hello and enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack.

Our pickup and drop off spot is at the bottom of the ramp of the government wharf on the left hand side. This day is going to be extremely busy on the dock so please arrive early and be ready to board at your designated times. We are moving 300 people to and from Bowen Island tomorrow and we are super excited to launch this new service.

Reminder – Granville Island has Free Parking from 4:30pm til 10am the next morning for anyone that might be a regular commuter.

Some of you have called to book the water taxi for a group traveling in for a Christmas event or an evening out on the town. The cost is $400.00 Return you let us know when you want to travel and we will be there.

24 Hour Dispatch: 1-888-568-7247 or 604-293-1160

Mr. Kelli Turner
Granville Island Water Taxi - Bowen Island Express
Bowen Island Express - []
Reservation Line: 604-484-8497

Bowen Island Commuter Services to Granville Island, Vancouver
Re: Bowen Island Express - Granville Island Water Taxi
November 01, 2008 06:50PM
Hope it all went well for you today, Kelli!! I look forward to the opportunity to try out your excellent service (and maybe someday, take you up on the offer of a "lift" to the airport ;-))

I see that Coastal Link Ferries has also geared up for Bowen service - and I wish both you and Peter the best of success in your ventures!!

Friends and neighbours: here's your personal chance to let BCF know what you truly think of their so-called "customer service". Hitting a company in the bottom line is, sadly, often the only way you can get any attention. Then again, they may just continue ignoring the "paying customer". After all, some of us still must leave the island in vehicles and sadly they still hold the monopoly - for now!!

I wish all success to both Granville Island Ferries & Coastal Link Ferries!!
Re: Bowen Island Express - Granville Island Water Taxi
November 01, 2008 09:04PM
Many thanks to Bowen Island Express! I had a bunch of new people in my store today that came over on the water taxi. Some looked.... some bought..... (thank you!) and everyone I talked to loved the fact they could come to Bowen for the day! What a great service! Thanks again - you are supporting local businesses!

Carol Petersen - Nature Encounters Tours & Travel - and fairly traded African art and craft!

Barb.... do I owe you $5 or will you take Halloween candy?
Re: Bowen Island Express - Granville Island Water Taxi
November 01, 2008 09:36PM
We took the boat over to Granville Island this morning and loved it! What a nice change to be able to spend a day in town and NOT have to go to the North Shore. It felt like heaven being able to walk around the market, buy a few veggies and imagine the next dinner party with the many options of exotic foods available.

We're hooked!

Thanks again.
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