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Posted by Lary Waldman 
November 11, 1999 04:33PM
Friends; In an effort to make myself perfectly clear I offer this explanation. Several days ago I was asked if I had heard that an old time Bowen Islander, with roots as deep as they get with the Islands Trust, was attempting to forge an alliance between candidates and take this slate to the people. Now in my opinion the left or those that see themselves as Chambers, Sherlock, Alliance Type people, see that an example may be created on Bowen that should it work, could be adopted by Saltspring and Gabriola. This would be a deaths blow to the Trust because before long people like me , who have been royally screwed by them, would be asking questions like, "What exactly does the Trust do". I mean its been three years now and I have never received any kind of explanation from the Trust, its staff, or the local trustee's why they had to add all these ammendments to my bylaw, which had no basis in the OCP, my blueprint. I mean the Trustee's acting on their lawyers advice, tried everything they could to delay my Public Hearing. 400 letters of support for Elena and I, ignored! Dozens of unanswered phone calls from distinguished Bowen Islanders asking the Trustees for explanations all fell on deaf ears, and my Bylaw was saddeled with restrictions that prohibited me from operating my business in a fashion that I had for the previous three years useing Temporary Use Permits. By the way, not one complaint to an authoratative body about activities during that period. No down side. Just plain old free enterprise. So I think that what motivated this private citizen was seeing this unfold and an attempt was made to give people little or no choice. I'm voting for Ross and Bob inspite of the fact that they have in the past supported the Trust and Chambers. Because I think they bring fantastic skills to the table. I hope this gets the job done. Vote for the best people. You will not be sorry. Lary Waldman
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