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Get Your Facts Straight Richard!!!!!

Posted by Tina Louise 
regarding your message you posted re; dog control Item 1..the grivence had nothing to do with the to decision this contract this out, a full time gvrd employee can still work just 21 hours/week, grivence was filed by the union over a year ago, it was in may of 99 that linda floyd phoned me and said that the job would be teminated in sept, and for the duration i would be paid for 40 hous /week, that had nothing to do with the grivence filed over 1 year previous...Item 2, you say that the awarding of the contract was to be handled by the purchasing dept of the gvrd, according to linda floyd, it was her and veronica that recomended that Howe Sound get the contract, neither of them have any thing to do with the purchasing dept, you also say that if there is a dispute that i'am the only one that can dispute it, have you forgotten that you are our representitive to the gvrd, don't you think you should stand up for bowen's best interest, especialy 50,000 dollars worth....and item three, yoy deny having any knoledge of having dogs released without paying impound fees, i guess only you , myself and linda floyd will know the truth to that story eh. have a great day richard...thats it from me on this subject, not much more to say, just, next time your wearing your dalmation suit, make sure your on a leash or the big bad dog cather might get you....Tina
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