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still reading

Posted by Ruth Harding 
still reading
November 13, 1999 03:42PM
I called Barbara today and asked about the site being down. In our conversation I said that I still read the posting, have just chosen not to post anymore. Barbara would like me to let you all know that I am still here, although, with this post, can I still say I'm not posting???? Hummmmm have to try and figure that one out! But, while I'm here, let me say: * Richard Littlemore should immediately have the Dog Catcher contract terminated. Regardless of any legal ramification, this contract was awarded as the new council is about to take the chair, why the rush. The controversy is enough to cancel and have a review or the process. * The new coucnil should, with the appropriate community input, present a 'Request for Proposal' for this position, and post it in the undercurrent and other media as necessary. * The process should be transparent and stand up to any questions from the community. * Chris may well end up getting the contract awarded again, that's fine as long as the process is equitable. * The council should establish the remuneration for this position based on historical information. I am dismayed at the attacks Deborah Kirby has received about her chalk board and window postings at the cove and Cates Hill. Since I was at the first meeting when this issue was discussed, it was agreed that there would be NO LAWN SIGNS. Candidates who are business owners specifically asked if they could put signs in their wondows and this was agreed to. The fact that they haven't doesn't make Deborah Kirby's use of the chalkboard and window an infraction. In fact, I think she is probably the only one who thought of it! How's that for a mayoral candidate with flexibility and vision. And yes, I am voting for her. And I'm voting for her because I believe she will be an excellent mayor, not because she does or does not post signs. As for the person(s) who continued to erase her name, shame on you. This is a democracy. If you want to make your feelings known, do so at the ballot box, not in this juvenile erasure. Larry, I like your idea. I will not vote for any trust candidate. So, again, I am viewing and it was felt that I should say, all you other folks who are viewing and not posting....get into the game and make your questions, thoughts, and feelings about the future of Bowen known. r
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