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Deborah Kirby on BC Ferries

Posted by Deborah Kirby 
Deborah Kirby on BC Ferries
November 13, 1999 06:34PM
If my husband is going to start posting things here, I might as well get involved, too. This is a copy of a leaflet I wrote on Friday and have been handing out while campaigning door-to-door and in the ferry line-ups. Deborah Kirby on BC Ferries The closure of the Bowen Island Ferry Dock for 7 weeks in February or March 2000 is rapidly becoming a matter of great concern to Bowen Islanders. That BC Ferries released information about the closure without a clear alternative transportation plan in place is unacceptable. With council, I will work to ensure that the Bowen dock will not be closed until the best possible interim service plan is communicated and accepted by Bowen Island. I will encourage the review of our ferry docking requirements before any repair is undertaken so as to ensure the best possible use of time, planning and our tax dollars. I will establish a standing commission on transportation and ensure it has the participation of at least two members of council. Members of the Ferry Task Force and Ferry Cure will be invited to join. The commission will have the authority and responsibility to bring recommendations to council. I believe that the ferry service to the island is an integral part of the provincial highway system. Our island depends on this service for work, delivery of schooling, emergency transportation and essential services like garbage disposal and food. The ferry should not be used as a tool to control growth. It is ineffective. It has not prevented growth on the island in the past 10 years. Poor or reduced service merely punishes us -- me, you, your neighbours. It is time to improve communications between Bowen and BC Ferries and work together to provide the best service at an affordable cost. Contact me if you have any questions: Tel:947-9287, Fax: 947-9286, Email
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