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Bowen First and the Islands Trust

Posted by Deborah Kirby 
I was frustrated today listening to two candidates who are on the record as opposing the trust, now extolling its virtues. I am on the record as a firm supporter of the trust. I would like to share with you another brief statement I have been circulating. I am running for mayor and not for trustee. I have two reasons: I want to share responsibility and authority with council to provide better service to the community, and, as the mayor of Bowen, I want to be able to put Bowen first. I believe shared power will provide better service for Bowen Island and that the consolidation of power in one person's hand does not serve the best interests of our community. I would like council to provide excellent service. This requires that all the talents and abilities of council members be put to use. Councillors will be willing to contribute more of those talents if they feel the mayor is sharing authority and responsibility. I am a firm supporter of the Island’s Trust mandate and policy statement. However, I am not satisfied with the planning relationship Bowen has had with the Trust for the last number of years. We will have to negotiate a new relationship and contract with the Islands Trust in the first year of Office. Additionally, while I will work with council to ensure that Bowen bylaws reflect the preserve and protect mandate, it may be that Bowen’s council will come into conflict with the Trust administration. In negotiating a new relationship I believe Bowen Island will be better served if the Mayor is independent and able to speak for our community. I will be a “Bowen First” mayor. Contact me with any questions Deborah Kirby for Mayor 947-9287
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