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Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN

Posted by Neil Mac 
Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN
October 17, 2015 04:39PM
As much as I love the bus drivers of the Bowen Translink buses (abd this is not directed at them unless they are responsible for posting the bus schedule) I cannot understand WHY the schedule on Bowen Online here is often wrong and takes seemingly months to update?!? More than a couple times I have had friends come to visit on the island and use the schedule posted on this site only to be left waiting at the library stop for hours. Like today, a friend looked at the schedule for the next bus after the 3:30 ferry - which apparently leaves snug cove at 4:10 (check the schedule urself). Of course the schedule has not been updated and he comes to the stop at the posted time only to find out when he phones me that the schedule us wrong and now he has 2 hours to bum around snug cove.

This has happened many times to me and friends of mine. I've learned to be weary of the schedule but for all those off islanders who come here why is it ok to have misleading info online? How hard is it to update this? I know I'm not alone here and I've kept my peace for a long time not wanting to make a big deal of it but it doesn't make sense to me why this has to be this way. Super inconvenient and a pain to all the people stranded by misleading info.

Venting done. My friend is now trying to hitch a ride but doesn't feel comfortable doing that and no luck so far.
Re: Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN
October 17, 2015 09:38PM
Neil, Barb has both the regular bus schedule and the summer bus schedule. I have left a reminder for her to remove the summer schedule and replace it with the regular bus schedule which when done should remove any need to vent any further. I apologize for the three day delay in making this switch.
Re: Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN
October 17, 2015 11:55PM
I think Neil should withdraw his funding from Bowen Online.

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Re: Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN
October 18, 2015 01:05AM
Thanks for that Peter. Again, this is not something I raise lightly, only because the schedule has been wrong or out of date multiple times in the last few years and it ends up stranding people and making them miss appointments as a result. I have never raised it before on here because I didn't want to make a big deal of it but it has happened enough that I feel its important that the impact of wrong schedule info be highlighted as it has real impacts on people's lives (like today).

Re: Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN
October 18, 2015 10:43AM
Accurate information, direct from the source, literally a 5 second Google query of the term 'bluewater c10 bus schedule', available here:
Re: Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN
October 18, 2015 01:53PM
I agree John. Better to go to the source if you want up to date, accurate information, than rely on a private forum. I am sure Barbara tries to keep everything current, but it's not her responsibility.
Re: Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong AGAIN
October 18, 2015 02:04PM
Peter emailed me on Oct 17 to change the schedule...I changed the schedule on the 17th.
Re: Bowen Bus Schedule Wrong
October 18, 2015 04:10PM
Thank you Barb for such a quick response to my email. Neil, we have two schedules for the island bus and the summer schedule has been in place since early May and it changes to the regular schedule when the ferry changes its schedule.If and when in the future you find yourself faced with a similar situation, may I suggest picking up the phone as soon as possible so that corrections can be made asap. These schedules are in a PDF format that can be downloaded and printed. A printed schedule on the fridge or the notice board at home seems to work for most people. Give it a try. I will make the effort to have the schedules maintained as up to date as possible in the future.
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