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Stop gravel mine at McNab Creek, deadline Nov 27

Posted by antonvanwalraven 
Stop gravel mine at McNab Creek, deadline Nov 27
November 25, 2017 11:07AM

Estuaries are rare on B.C.s rugged coast, and McNab Creek is one the few remaining natural estuaries in Átl’ḵa7tsem / Howe Sound. Please take some time this weekend to write to the Ministers to state your opposition to this plan.

You can find the reasons why we oppose this gravel mine, and the details how to submit your comments to the Ministers on this dedicated page, Stop Burnco gravel mine at McNab Creek

Thank you for taking the time!
Re: Stop gravel mine at McNab Creek, deadline Nov 27
November 26, 2017 07:49AM
Thanks Anton!
Re: Stop gravel mine at McNab Creek, deadline Nov 27
November 30, 2017 03:46PM
This is what I wrote:

Dear Ministers

I have commented previously on this project, but wish to reiterate my concerns.

1. The EA process is seriously flawed. Having companies essential provide the scientific and background information does not ensure neutrality. The assessment should be totally independent.

2. Variants of this proposal have been rejected twice by DFO. Suffice to say that intuitively, digging up an estuary is hardly likely to improve salmonid habitat. Even if there are ancillary improvements, the core precept should be to 'create no harm’- no HADD. What Burnco wants to do is provide offsets for the harm created.

3. Burnco purchased a site that has a long history of degradation. The once famed Spring Salmon of McNab are reduced to a pittance (just look up the 1960’s salmon derby results as to where the trophy fish were caught)! Logging on the upper reaches, alteration of watercourses, bungling of remediation efforts all point to the need to not add insult to injury, but genuinely rehabilitate the area.

4. Extracting fluvial/alluvial aggregates is hugely profitable, but a truly horrible process. The Fraser River has lost millions of juvenile salmon due to poorly conducted extractions- done in the name of flood control. No such process should take place at a river delta.

5. The impact of creating the residual lagoon waterform has not been properly analyzed. Osmotic gradients could result in brackish water - infiltration of salt water from the ocean. Its long term impact on the estuary is virtually unknown, despite attestations that the damage would be minimal.

6. Howe Sound is in recovery. Why would a progressive government re-industrialize an area for so few jobs, counter to the interests of neighbours and user groups alike?While a $10million/yr. project over 30 years has some economic benefit, this will not likely extend to nearby communities, nor in fact, to the provincial government, as aggregate removal has historically attracted low levels of taxation.
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